My family has been involved in the conservation and restoration of art for three generations.

My Grandfather Henryk and Grandmother Krystyna were pioneers of art conservation in Poland.

Their children, my Mother Maja and Uncle Jakub followed in their parents' footsteps. I was brought up in the atmosphere of the studio and continue the tradition. In doing so, cultivating a sense of beauty in my son – Julek.

In addition to conservation work, we are all artists.

Grandma Krystyna's painting and art history work is acknowledged in artistic circles.

My Mother Maja is the President of the Zofia Rydet Foundation Board (Fundacja im. Zofii Rydet).

Uncle Jakub has for several years been creating woodcuts and paintings inspired by Jerzy Panek.

I feel particularly good at wall painting but I am also familiar with canvas – painting and copying.

You are encouraged to browse our photographic gallery containing examples of conserved pieces and compositions.

Zofia Augustyńska

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