When I was a little girl I thought that all parents, grandparents, or at least some relatives and friends in every family are conservators and artists.

I grew up next to Grandma's easel, among the gilded, baroque angels, paintings and photographs present everywhere. I was spending my holidays playing around the church, sometimes climbing the scaffolding to say „hello” to my mum who was working up high under the vault.

Our family has been involved in art and in the conservation and restoration of art, since three generations. Actually the fourth one is growing because my son is as much as the rest of the family interested in fine arts.

I was always very fond of drawing and painting so the choice of my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts was one of the easiest and the most obvious decisions in my life. Today my work – painting and conservation – is the real pleasure for me.

I kindly encourage you to browse through this page. You can look through the gallery of my paintings, photographs and other works which I have accomplished and which are in my offer. I also invite you to visit the other part of this page dedicated to my renovation works where you can also find my professional Curriculum Vitae.

Zofia Augustyńska

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